Brandon Lee

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Brandon Lee was born March 18, 1979, making him a 30-year-old Aries for those of you keeping track. Of course, 'Brandon Lee' is just a stage name, which he took from the other Brandon Lee, the deceased son of martial arts actor Bruce Lee. (Brandon also performed as Sean Martinez earlier in his career.)

Brandon got into the biz by infamous porn director Chi Chi LaRue; the two allegedly met at a Los Angeles gay bath house, of all places. This lead the 18-year-old to work at Catalina Video and his debut video 'Asian Persuasion'. LaRue's didn't direct Brandon until the shoot of another gay film, 'Fortune Nookie'.

Brandon Lee made seven videos for Catalina but quit the industry to enlist in the military. He returned in 2005, taking on his very first on camera bottom scene.

Nguyen Tan Hoang wrote about Brandon Lee's role in the industry, in the essay "The Resurrection of Brandon Lee: The Making of a Gay Asian-American Porn Star". The essay dispels the urban legend that Brandon was delivering chinese food when he was discovered by a director who asked to "see his egg roll".

Lee also writes musical scores for porn movies.


On September 9, 2006, Brandon was assaulted in Scottsdale, AZ while on his way home after performing on stage in Nearly Naked Theatre's production of the play Take Me Out, in which he played the role of Japanese pitcher, Takeshi Kawabata. After stopping at a nearby restaurant, he was followed out of the parking lot by another vehicle. Lee eventually drove off the shoulder of the road, where he was dragged out of his 2006 Toyota Tacoma. He was beaten unconscious, his vehicle was set ablaze, and he awoke on a paramedic gurney. He was then taken to Scottsdale Hospital, where no internal injuries or broken bones were found. He was released the following morning, and there were no leads on the four suspects.

Come Back?

There are rumors that Brandon is planning a second return to the industry but this had yet to be confirmed.