After rumors regarding an actor at TVB who sexually harassed actresses subsided, recently tabloids have alleged that former Mr. Hong Kong contestants were offered vast sums of money in exchange for time spent with rich ladies.

Rumored to be one of the “gigolos,” Mr. Hong Kong 2005 contestant, Byron Pang Koon Kei, recently filmed a nude scene in a gay movie. Byron was also linked previously in a gay relationship with Bowie Lam.

However, as one of the alleged “gigolos,” Byron has no wealth. In his new movie, 《安 非 他 命 》, Pang has to jump nude from a building. Aside from the presence of the cast and crew, there were numerous photographers present who took photos of the nude Byron.

Byron denied that he was one of the Mr. Hong Kong contestants who sold himself to rich ladies. “Do you think a gigolo has to risk his life” [by filming such dangerous scenes in the movie]?

Byron and Matthew Ko both participated in the 2005 Mr. Hong Kong competition. While fingers have pointed to Byron as being a gigolo, Matthew said, “When I was competing in the Mr. Hong Kong competition, people have said it was like a ‘duck’ (gigolo) competition…. I want to know what my market price is.”

Covered with silver body paint and tattoos, the martial-arts skilled Byron lost ten pounds for the role. What was his nude scene about? “My character over dosed on drugs and fantasized about being a bird. Thus he jumped off the roof top of a building.” Byron broke his thumb in an earlier car-racing scene. In the roof top jumping scene, it took five takes before the Director, Wan Cheung, was satisfied.

On March 13, 2009, Director Wan Cheung took Bryon and Osman from EO2 to promote Taiwanese film, 《永 久 居 留 》at one of Taiwan’s top gay bars, Funky. When Byron left, he gave out white roses to all the men present and was unafraid of rampant gay rumors. Furthermore, Byron shot an all nude pictorial to promote the film earlier.

When Bowie Lam’s mother passed away in 2008, Byron attended the funeral. Byron burned incense papers for Bowie’s mother and assisted with the funeral arrangements. When reporters showed Bowie photos of Byron filming nude in his latest movie, Bowie said, “I have not been in contact with Byron for a long time. I will not respond to any questions regarding him.”

Bryon said that TVB tried to contact him two months ago. “TVB asked me to discuss further collaborations with them. I said I was busy filming a movie. TVB asked many questions [about what I was doing, afraid of the implications this would bring to the company].”

When asked if Director Wan Cheung was providing financially for Byron, he said, “If that were true, then I would not endanger Bryon’s safety by placing him in dangerous filming situations. I would ask him to go out on a date and dinner instead!”

When tabloids revealed that former Mr. Hong Kong contestant(s) were selling themselves to rich ladies, it has become the hot topic of Hong Kong socialites. Bok Wan Kam commented, “I have not heard about Mr. Hong Kong contestants acting as gigolos. But ten years ago, there were several supporting actors who were dating wealthy socialites. However, I don’t know the identities of those men. Rich ladies also date fitness trainers and dance instructors, as they often have physical contact in their classes.”

Chan Sai Kit said, “Everyone is guessing who the Mr. Hong Kong gigolo is. Usually wealthy socialites prefer actors who are not well known, which would attract less media attention. Usually they would meet at a public function and then go on private dates afterwards.”

Chiu Kam Hing [formerly dated ATV and TVB actor Yan Chi Keung]: “Aside from many Mr. Hong Kong contestants wanting to get to know me, I also wish to do the same. It would be more convenient to get to know them better, since I often invite them to my functions. However, I have not heard about any gigolo incidents.”

Reporters showed nude photos of Byron Pang to TVB executive, Stephen Chan. Stephen requested reporters to put the photos away. “I will not respond nor will I see the photos/movie. Bryon is no longer part of TVB. Whatever projects he pursues is his business.”