Brandon Lee to return?

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Unzipped announced that Brandon Lee was considering a return to the adult biz and we're hoping they're right!

Brandon Lee—one of the adult industry's few Asian superstars—just might be ready for his next close-up. The former Rascal Video exclusive recently posted some flattering new profile pictures on his Facebook page that show him to be looking better than ever. We contacted Lee to ask him what his secret was. Turns out it's running—lots and lots of running. "My 30th birthday was approaching and I was pretty upset that I had a 34" waist," says the chef and airplane pilot, revealing that he'd ballooned up to 200 pounds following a nasty break-up and a period of unemployment. "I told myself that I wanted to have at least have a 30-inch waist by the time I hit 30. I started running every morning and every night. I over did it and ended up with a 28" instead. Yeah, I'm not complaining."

Lee's always been cute, but now he looks positively fuckable. We asked him about the chances of him making a return to the jizz biz, and to our delight, he was surprisingly receptive. "I'd love to!" he said. "I've been thinking about it for quite some time and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I just don't know if any studio wants me."
Please, Brandon? Pretty please with sugar (or you!) on top?